Switzerland’s Most Beautiful Pages – Sacred Manuscripts

Switzerland’s Most Beautiful Pages – Sacred Manuscripts

Silvana Editoriale 2020
German and French translations and editing of the catalogue by Scriptum

Exhibition in the Baroque Hall of the Abbey Library of St Gall
10 March to 8 November 2020

The Abbey Library of St Gall opens for you Switzerland’s most beautiful pages. Illuminated manuscripts make their texts shine and also shed light in a metaphorical sense as images explain the world. hey make texts clearer and encourage reflection and contemplation. Decorated manuscripts serve to praise God and display the wealth of their patrons.

The exhibition celebrates the fifteenth anniversary of the e-codices project, the Swiss platform for the digitisation of manuscripts. In this connection, the Abbey Library is showing highlights from its own holdings as well as a large number of valuable loans from other libraries participating in the e-codices programme.

While the focus in St Gall is on sacred texts, the Martin Bodmer Foundation in Cologny (GE) will be showing secular illuminated manuscripts from 9 April to 6 September.