Gassman 100

Gassman 100

COR 2022
Italian translation of the exhibition panels and captions by Scriptum

One hundred years after his birth, the exhibition Vittorio Gassman – Il Centenario (“Vittorio Gassman – The Centenary”, at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome from April 9 to June 29, then at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa) is a tribute in which the CSC could not fail to participate, because Gassman was truly one of the most beloved actors in our history, as well as one of the most “complex” ones, capable of embodying the heroes of classical theater but also, and with the same credibility, “many wonderful cowards.

And he also gave us some fools, some extraordinary idiots”-as Mario Soldati wrote. It was the 1960s and Soldati could not have known this, but later on Gassman would have given us many other characters, neither cowards, nor fools, nor idiots: and these are the ones that, still today, perhaps move us the most. Throughout the entire exhibition, the visitor will find many materials coming from the Centro Sperimentale: a selection of contributions from the Luigi Chiarini Library, which provides vintage pressbooks, books, letters, scripts and treatments, and from the Photographic Archive of the Cineteca Nazionale, whose images (production stills and film frames) punctuate the itinerary of the exhibition.

We are certain that these materials will contribute to making “Vittorio Gassman – Il Centenario” an authentic journey through time and into our memory as spectators.

07 July 2022 – 18 September 2022