Rubens. I palazzi di Genova

Rubens. I palazzi di Genova

Electa 2022
English, Dutch and German to Italian translation of the exhibition catalogue by Scriptum

This extraordinary exhibition will recount the greatness of the most outstanding of all Baroque painters, Peter Paul Rubens and his relationship with the city.

The exhibition is produced by the Municipality of Genoa with Fondazione Palazzo Ducale per la Cultura and Electa, and was produced on the occasion of the fourth centenary of the publication in Antwerp of the celebrated volume of Peter Paul Rubens, Palazzi di Genova (1622). Over 100 works are presented in the exhibition, among which some twenty Rubens from European and Italian museums and collections are the highlight of the event, to which are added to those present in the city. Starting from this core of works by Rubens, the story of the cultural and artistic context of the city in the age of its greatest splendour is completed through paintings by other artists that Rubens certainly saw and studied during his trip to Italy.

Fondazione Palazzo Ducale – Appartamento del Doge e Cappella Dogale (Genoa)

06 oct 2022 – 22 jan 2023