The company

Our story

Scriptum is founded on a passion for the written word, combined with an awareness that translating a text into another language means seeing with the eyes of a different culture.
The company was set up in 1986 by Italian translators specializing in European literature and Asian languages, and two English literature lecturers from La Sapienza University in Rome.
We soon built a reputation in the translation sector for our expertise in the humanities (literature, philosophy, non-fiction, art and linguistics), acquiring clients from the world of art, publishingfilm-making and entertainment, and creating a network of expert translators to cover all the main European and non-European language combinations.

Our strengths

Scriptum’s strengths are the ability to work in many languages, often against the clock, using only mother tongue translators, and to guarantee that each job will be supervised by a project leader responsible for checking the quality of the finished texts.

A 360-degree editorial service

Over the years, Scriptum has expanded its range of services. These include the writing and editing of texts, the editing and coordination of major publishing projects in multiple languages, layout in QuarkXPress and InDesign, web site design and translation, and multimedia publishing.