The venetian glasses. Carla Nasci – Ferruccio Franzoia

The venetian glasses. Carla Nasci – Ferruccio Franzoia

Silvana Editoriale 2021
English translation of the catalogue by Scriptum

From the ice falls of Valbelluna that seem crystals to the precious treasure chests of art and handcraft of Feltre!

The forthcoming winter season brings important news to the city of Feltre, with the new exposition of Venetian glasses from the Carla Nasci-Ferruccio Franzoia collection at the renowned Galleria Rizzarda.

With this important donation, the Museum dedicated to the wrought iron master born in Feltre restates its natural calling, posing itself as one of the most important museums of 20th Century decorative arts in Europe.

Many Rizzarda’s creations were already integrated with precious vitreous elements made in Murano, and, in addiction to that, rare Carlo Scarpa’s glasses are part of the artist’s personal collection. Thus, to Carlo Rizzarda’s wrought iron masterpieces 800 precious glasses are added. They include pieces from 18th Century to nowadays, with a special focus on the “muranese” production and, in particular, on the greatest masters of glass.

The architect Ferruccio Franzoia himself curated the permanent set up in the suggestive last floor of the Galley’s building.

He created a “bizarre” itinerary of the collection, that he bought with his wife Carla Nasci in the course of 30 years: it follows the architecture’s personal tastes, which inspired the birth the collection and were led by empathy, harmony, emotions and memories.