KLIMT. La Secessione e l’Italia

KLIMT. La Secessione e l’Italia

Skira 2021
Italian version of the exhibition catalogue by Scriptum

Summer holidays in Italy:the Attersee wasn’t the only place that offered inspiration to Gustav Klimt in his time away from Vienna.

In a first, the exhibition at the Museo di Roma will explore the artist’s relationship with Italy, a locale he traveled to often and where he participated in important exhibitions. The show was organized by a team of three curators, including Franz Smola of the Belvedere who originated the concept. The Belvedere is contributing eleven high-caliber loans, among them the world-renowned image Judith. In addition, the not-for-profit Klimt Foundation is allowing The Bride to be presented outside Austria for the first time in over eighty years. A further sensation in the exhibition is Portrait of a Lady – stolen in Piacenza, and then rediscovered in 2019!

Museo di Roma

2021, October 27th – 2022, March 27th