Max Ernst

Max Ernst

Electa 2022
Italian translation of the exhibition catalogue and exhibition panels by Scriptum

Scheduled in Milan for autumn 2022, following lengthy research, this is the first retrospective in Italy devoted to Max Ernst (1891-1976), the German painter, sculptor, engraver, poet and art theorist, later naturalised American and French. The exhibition, promoted and produced by the Municipality of Milan-Culture and Palazzo Reale with Electa in collaboration with Madeinart is curated by Martina Mazzotta and Jürgen Pech.

More than 200 works including paintings, sculptures, drawings, engravings, books and jewellery from museums, foundations and private collections. Among them: Tate-London, Peggy Guggenheim Collection-Venice, Vatican Museums-Rome, Beyeler Foundation-Basel, Max Ernst Museum-Brühl, Centre Pompidou-Paris, Thyssen-Bornemisza-Madrid.

The immense range of themes and experiments of Ernst’s work extends across seventy years of the history of the 20th century, between Europe and the United States, constantly eluding any final definition.

Pictor doctus, a profound connoisseur and a visionary interpreter of the history of art, philosophy and science, Max Ernst is presented in this context as a humanist in the neo-Renaissance sense.

04 oct 2022 – 26 feb 2023