Skira 2022
Italian version of the exhibition catalogue and English version of the exhibition panels by Scriptum

The exhibition “Superbarocco. Art in Genoa from Rubens to Magnascoco-produced and designed together with the National Gallery of Washington, the only American public museum, with the special collaboration of the Municipality and the Museums of Genova, tells and celebrates the extraordinary period of the Genoese Baroque.

The exhibition is curated by Jonathan Bober, head of the National Gallery’s Department of Old Master Prints, by Piero Boccardo, director until recently of the Genoese Palazzo Rosso and one of the world’s leading experts on the subject and by Franco Boggero Art historian and Ligurian painting expert of the XVI and XVII centuries.

The pomp and luxury, declined with great determination by the noble Genoese families, inside their residences, are found in the works exhibited at Scuderie del Quirinale, precisely because they were commissioned by these illustrious families: the robes of the portraits of Rubens and Van Dyck , the furnishings that crowd the canvases of Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione, the luxuriant baroque compositions by Domenico Piola and Gregorio De Ferrari, the capricious landscapes of Magnasco, the recurrent use of precious materials testify to the opulence of the period.

Scuderie del Quirinale – From March 26th to July 3rd 2022